1. What is Kawagama Day Camp?
    Kawagama Day Camp is a small adventure-based day camp that shares facilities and programming with Moorelands Camp.  This year is going to be AMAZING! We have lots of brand new activities for campers to choose from including swimming lessons for every camper every day.
  2. What will my child learn?
    Kawagama Day camp focuses on skill and leadership development. Campers learn about and have opportunities to practice positive leadership skills at each of our activities. Every day campers work on skill-building activities of their choice. Additionally, there are group games and cabin activities.
  3. How are campers supervised?
    Campers are supervised by staff at all times. Staff to camper ratio is 1:2.
  4. What is meant by cabin groups?
    Campers are placed in single sex groups, with up to 10 campers. At certain times during the day, they participate in games and activities with their cabin group and at other times, campers are involved in their chosen skill-based activities which are coed.
  5. Where do campers get changed and keep their belongings?
    Every cabin group has a cabin assigned to them. They can change for swimming and leave belongings (for example jackets or extra shoes) in the cabin for the entire week.
  6. What are the bathrooms like?
    All washrooms at camp have flushing toilets. The girls end and boys end each have 8 toilets that are shared. The Hub (recreation hall) and dining hall also have facilities for girls and boys.
  7. What if my child doesn’t like the food?
    Lunches include a hot entrée, salad bar and dessert. Those who do not like the entrée can easily make a meal from the salad bar; it always includes a protein.
  8. What if my child is ill or injured?
    Safety is our number one priority! If your child is ill or injured, they will be seen by the camp nurse and we will let you know. In case of an emergency, we will access the appropriate emergency services and inform you as soon as possible.
  9. What if I need to cancel?
    If your plans change, please let us know as soon as possible. All cancellations may be subject to a $30.00 administration fee and require at least 2 weeks’ notice. There is no refund for late cancellations.
  10. Can I register for just a day or two?
    Kawagama Day camp programming is for designed for week-long experiences. We do not provide daily or drop-in services.
  11. How do the skill-based activities work? Can campers change their choice?
    On Monday, campers choose 2 activities that they want to build skills in (see All About Camp for more information on these activities) in addition to a swimming lesson. Every day there are 3 activity periods ensuring that skills are built upon daily. The curriculum is planned to build skills; changing activities does not work well with the skill progression. If a camper is having problems within an activity, staff are always there to help them adjust.
  12. What if it rains?
    If it rains during camp, staff have rainy day plans ready to go. Games and activities take place indoors or under cover so the fun continues!
  13. Do the campers swim every day?
    Swimming is part of every day at camp. There are opportunities for both instructional swim and free swim.
  14. Are there age restrictions for any activities?
    Yes, there are some activities that are age restricted. Please see the chart under All About Camp for details.
  15. Can my camper come to Friday Night Fun without a parent?
    Your camper is welcome to stay for Friday Night Fun, even if you cannot join them. After 4:30 they will spend time with their cabin group doing activities, and then they will enjoy the theme meal, and the campfire. After Friday Night Fun pick up is at 8:45 pm.
  16. Are there opportunities for my child to spend a full week at the camp with overnights?
    If you are interested in overnight camp for a week, contact us for further information.  Call 416-466-9987 ext. 300 for more information.
  17. What if I need to drop my child off before noon on Monday?
    If you require camp for your child before noon on Mondays, please contact us and we may be able to make arrangements.